Laino & Broken Seeds - The Dust I Own

by Laino & Broken Seeds

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"Die Komposition "The Dust In Own" ist ein außergewöhnlicher Hinhörer"
- Von Joachim "Joe" Brooks, RockTimes, April 2017

"Wer Blues ohne Klischees und mit Ecken und Kanten mag, wird diese Scheibe lieben!"
- Wasser-Prawda, Marz 2017

"Laino & Broken Seeds‘ „The Dust I Own“ ist erdig, dreckig, verraucht, schräg und mitreißend – elektrisierend – vom Scheitel bis zur wippenden Sohle – cool"
- Dr. Chuck, Soultrain April 2017

"On the mellower side, the album ends with a sweet cover of Mississippi John Hurt’s “Pay Day"
- Steve Terrell, Steve Terrell's Music (Santa Fe, USA) May 2017

"Blues acustici con bottleneck da paura, svisate elettriche di boogie distorti, accompagnati dal ritmo del sousaphone, condite da testi sospesi tra "dark" e "dirty love" e sonorità da Delta del Mississippi. Disco ipnotico e convincente"
- Andrea Tevarini, Buscadero, maggio 2017

"E’ proprio nel lato più sciamanico ed arcaico della musica blues, nelle sue reminiscenze africane, che prende forma la poetica di Andrea Laino"
- Pietro Rubino, Il Popolo del Blues, Aprile 2017

"l'eco tonante e sanguigna di un juke-joint nel cuore del Mississippi"
- Elio Bussolino, Rockerilla, aprile 2017

"qualcosa di emozionante"
- Paolo Vites, Il Sussidiario, marzo 2017

"Sotto la cenere la passione di New Orleans"
- Flavio Massarutto, Il Manifesto, aprile 2017

"letteralmente magnifico!"
- Stefano I. Bianchi, Blow Up, aprile 2017

The Dust I Own has been released on March 31 2017 for off label records. This first full length album shows the ultimate outcome of years spent on writing songs and playing on stage. Special guests are enriching the new album including the well-known contemporary jazz player Mauro Ottolini on sousaphone, Alessio “Poor Bob” Magliocchetti Lombi on slide guitar, and Eolisa Atti on backing vocals.
The album has been mixed by JD Foster.


released March 31, 2017

Andrea Laino: resonator guitar, diddley-bow, harmonica, vocals
Gaetano Alfonsi: drums & sounds

Mauro Ottolini: susaphone, conch shells
Alessio "Poor Bob" Magliocchetti Lombi: el. slide guitar
Eloisa Atti: backing vocals

Produced by Andrea Laino
Engineered by Andrea “Duna” Scardovi at Duna Studio
Mixed by Andrea “Duna” Scardovi except for track 3 & 8
mixed by JD Foster at Mastic Mixery
Mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà

Photographs by Indofunk Satish
Graphic Design: Ksenija Savicevic


all rights reserved


Track Name: Bo Weavil
(trad. / arr. Laino)

Rollin' down the way Bo Weavil
Rollin' down the way...
Track Name: Boogie Tale
Dirty dirty things
along these streets I'm bound to
despite what people are saying
and what I'm thinking
along this road I'm riding
along those strange mountains
rolling on and on
rolling on and on and I'm in (it)

yeah sinking sinking down
we all are thinking
we all are running
while we're are sleeping
we all are burning down
burning burning down
burning burning down
burning burning down and I'm in it

chatting chatting around
not in the dark sky
not in my cold room
not in this town I'm leaving
not in my dad's house
nowhere but in this car
chatting chatting 'round
chatting chatting 'round and I'm in it
Track Name: Fate of a Gambler
(Laino / Alfonsi)

I feel my wrecked soul is breathing hard today
under this heavy sky
playing all the time
with no friends of mine
I just need to have a busy mind

well I just don't care...

Wearing my obsessions is all I got
leading out my pain
living day by day
I forgot how to pray
there's nothing I can do and I don't know what to say, Lord

I remember my mama used to say:
“You better stay away from
those games I tell you
son there's a gambler
root in your blood”

And I answered:
“Sure mama I can't do
nothing about it
those roots in my blood are
getting my soul”

Now I try to remember when that day
my mind was so young, I knew how to pray
down on my knees I was begging the saints
to tear down the signs that were planted on my way
I say planted on my way like road signs that says
“roots are quite hard to extirpate”
Now I tell you people I began to realize
There was too much fun to gamble with fate
Track Name: Old Tape of Memories
(Laino / Alfonsi)

Road, hard road
I'm walking on an old road
I left my shoeshine back
while I was thinking about my past
Streets running by
remind me of some old times
when things were happening
like a child I stood and stare
'cause memories are strange
hiding in some place
way back in time
like the steps in our life
I wonder why
some people don't remind
what it came like a song
or in the sleep when I was young

It's an old tape of memories
an old tape I've lost
yes it is...

Hiss on a tape
talks about my fate
indeed about my past
that disappear too fast
Right in the place I'm in
a room stuffed with
books, things and sounds
chasing me all around
Shearing is beating hard
on his piano in my backyard
with a silly little smile
Kerouac by his side
Brought out of a song
things that belong
to a time that is gone
is it mine or is it yours?

It's just a room full of memories
an old tape I've lost
It's just an old tape of memories
an old tape I've lost
Track Name: The Dust I Own
(Laino / Alfonsi)

Seems the past is knocking on my door today I'm walking
these dusty roads are going to make me think
The taste of what I once was made of
is running through my skin and open my eyes
Now I see all the sad things and all the grace
has grown from my head down to my heart

This is how I feel, today
Sad and grateful, today
Collecting stones and bones
Past is like the dust I own

Would you please tell me how did you feel when
I betrayed you my friend just because
The place where I used to hide myself
is getting smaller and smaller once again
Sometimes I feel the sun is shining
over my aching shoulders and I can live again

Don't know how I feel, today
It's kind of sad and grateful, today
Collecting stones and bones
Past is like the dust I own

There's an empty bottle and another one's full of wine
There are feelings that sometimes it's hard to keep hiding
I counted all my days just trying to grow old
but I’ve found a way today I can use to rise above
I feel the past is covering my shoulders like dust (x2)
Track Name: On the Wood
I feel blue in the morning
I feel blue in the evening
I'm on a train that is riding far away
Some people talk about glory
others talk about lies
what makes me think of you
makes me drink sometimes

The drums are rumbling
Look at the colors at the fair
A dwarf is juggling
I can see they are going home

Balloons are drifting
over the child's hair
it's red and blue the color
soundtrack of my despair
As I walk through the saloon
I see a cowboy dummy
Alabama song is playing
it's my heart that is humming

I feel my heart that is swinging
I see a rose that is fading
no one knows what I'm saying
'cause I'm going insane
I can hardly betray
the one who’s calling on my name
I can feel it is the same
we carved on the wood that day
on the wood that day
on the wood that day
Track Name: What Once Was Dead
Oh when I wake up
don't know what to do
but sometimes I say that
wanna do it with you

Down in my belly
I can feel my head
is turning back to
what once was dead

Well now I'm laid down
down in my bed
trying to forget
what once was dead
Track Name: Can't Wake Myself Up
A tree is knocking at my door
I see a message on the floor
it says “you can fly till the shore”

But it's a dream that’s going on
a dream I'm living on
a dream we're hangin' on
but I can't wake myself up

Leaves are growing in my shoes
from here I can see all the skulls
left on the road by the fools
Track Name: Pay Day
(John “Mississippi” Hurt / arr. Laino)

Well I did all I can do
but I can't get along with you
I'm gonna take you to your mamy
Pay day, pay day, pay day

There's a rabbit in a log
and I got no rabbit dog
and I can't stand to see that rabbit get away
Get away, get away

Just about a week ago
I stole a ham of meat
I'm gonna keep my skillet greasy if I can
If I can, if I can

Now the hounds are on my track
I got a knapsack on my back
I'm gonna make it to my shanty before day
'Fore day, 'fore day

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