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Sick to the Bone

by Laino & Broken Seeds

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LYRICS... I drag my spells and my pills under daylight I lost my peace of mind no more again can I sleep tight well I feel a new morning is comin' around light is hitting my flesh and the ground there's a call for me a-telling to go down to the place where I can make some dough here again the foolish twang echoes in a jar of lost rags empty words, buzzing flies I hurt myself seeking p-paradise lost tracks of meaningless voices the past moves forward leaving no trace hey you sound ringing low do me a favor and lift me up above spells and magic all around stomp my feet on the ground out of nowhere they came so strong to feed my life, maybe yours spells and magic spells and magic spells and magic
Way Up Above 03:51
See the face of a new sky at the break of day hustle, bustle, muscles along the way to please the eyes of a city of a frozen sun clashin' rhythms on the run like a bird I wish to lift up and fly around the edges of words explaining why rope has broken womb's been forgotten hey, oh way up above floating are the clouds here they go I never realized all the time they where moving over my life father to son man's acting good, man's doing wrong survive to history and be buried to earth we belong poison-oozing and loosing the last shade of shame always searching for the one to blame ticking like a clock from a pawn shop the body breathes fighting with nature over smells of fresh concrete pages a-falling, instruments calling hey, oh way up above floating are the clouds here they go never realized, all the time, they were looking over my life
there's a warm wind blowing softly in this town today brings new eyes and wakes up minds if you just let it play down the road my boots are soaked by an unexpected storm should it wipe out the idea that I'm sick to the bone? I drove my car the other night down to the country fields faraway where the silence asked me: “how does it feel?” tombstones and a raven answer with a moan tell him that he cannot see he's sick to the bone leaves are being swept by the wind like all of us one day will be I know myself a fool but I still care for you a storm is coming through rust is falling out of my dark'n broken soul I met so many children stranded all alone read many books and I conclude there are no eyes that can make us see how we're sick to the bone preacher tell us please how we can make it through when will we be done payin' all these dues the bread I make is always burnin' my feet are getting sore while I try to reach the land where I lay down my bones
I heard knockin' on my front door One morning at the break of dawn No more time to write songs Handcuffed, just to move along Up to the station, down to the core They asked me why I felt so alone “I never know why”, what I said “Loneliness is just my daily bread” Maybe it’s because once I heard about a land of freedom that was a place of rest a place for fun skin color could hurt no one and I believed that story, I felt that place Would be my home someday and I grew up on this dream my friend To realize I was cheated in the end Build a ladder of broken hearts Climb it and reach the heaven I see a mask in the mirror I never seen before The brass band is on And play a happy song Someone say on a lost dead island To be reached with an old fat boat The crew it’s made of fifteen men Ready to kill you for a coat They tell you it’s at East, or maybe at West Just leave your weight ashore Like a drop dead body your faith will fall Deep in the see like a stone
LYRICS (ENG)... how many journalists should be arrested and sent to jail I share rivers of ink for heated rhymes to flow your way wear your chains today, as for tomorrow you're sent away world is fully on chaos where's it gonna go anyway nihilists, nationalists! Incense the only thing that stays The Incense in Mecca that burns and brings no cure anymore Rulers suffer the same abuse you feel on you all day long living for more stuff while lying awake in the dead of night wear your chains today, tomorrow what becomes of you feeling thirsty for the bitterness of exile every day rivers flow but won't turn salt water into fresh anymore wear your chains today, no chains tomorrow but where are you now? WINANTA! LYRICS (ARABIC) واو، واو، واو، شحال جهدك تشد، تحبس من صحفي واو، واو، واو، المداد يجري و القوافي بالعوافي اليوم بالغلا راك هنا، غدا بلا سلاسل راك منفي واو واو واو، فين غادي هاد العالم الفوضوي واو، واو واو بين عدمي و وطني مبقا لينا غير الجاوي الجاوي المكاوي ولا يجرح مايداوي واو واو واو واش الحاكم بحال المضلوم طول اليوم واو واو واو في ملكو ساكن ممهني في وسط النوم اليوم بالغلال هنا، غدا بلا سلاسل وين تكون واو واو واو اللي ماداق حر الغربة جغمة جغمة واو واو واو يبقا عطشان كي الملحة ماتحلي الماء اليوم بالغلا هنا، غدا بلا سلاسل وين انت، وين انت. وين انت/winanta
Well my ears are full of crap now the haters are coming back they can read thoughts on your mind cannot hide anything inside they're gonna get rid of everything off the grid Blind guards watching over us hard time in bright light they're all ears with no eyes tracking us deep inside day after day my mind's going wild Nothing more to tell we have nothing left in this hell feed my plants and sow my seeds to watch their eyes open up, eventually Learn to sleep tight dear friend they don't know what you dreamt during sleep flying free just a secret between you and me SleepThinkers
I woke up dead this mornin' troubles on my mind lookin' down the river I feel unsatisfied People, tell me what you see down the road that leads to nowhere I'm used to this kind of feelin' I'll be blue for the rest of my life can't be satisfied No matter how many friends hangin' around my boogie man house even the dogs in the street are barkin' to make me come on out I'm sorry to let you know babe I'll be gone for a long long time can't you see this it the end of this good ol' wagon of mine I'm singin' the blues singin' the blues singin' the blues around booze When I finally drag my dirty self the sun is fallin' down darkness don't make my walkin' any better while I swing to town Is the clock playin' jokes on me damn! I must be late again I had to be at the Gonzo's Grill to entertain people till the end
Green fields, all over this town full moon I'm hanging around people on the sidewalk staring at me Lord have mercy I'm down on my knees Crazy Jane at the laundry she's washing clothes fondly wino, hags and bums in this neighborhood come back baby I wish you would Jessie's lost himself at the record store to find a masterpiece that wouldn't bore all the mad cats in his red house turned out to be just a great big mouse Winter time is coming, got a new coat I'm ready to sail on this handsome boat where the music is the spell, the people are dope won't you follow us in this kaleidoscope? music makes you high I'm tryin' to get high I like to be so high with these friends of mine we don't have much time so let love thrive grooving day and night catch the boat tonight


Sick to the Bone it's the second full-length album by Laino & Broken Seeds, released for Off Label Records on May 28th 2021.

Recorded as an all-analogue album in Italy the tracks have been mixed in Chicago IL by famous producer JD Foster (Calexico, Marc Ribot, Lucinda Williams).

Inspired by a passion for Sci-fi literature, acid rock, and the magic power of a cranked tube amp, the new album includes 8 tracks that sum up the band’s psychedelic rock attitude and heavy blues sound.

The first Single "Spells and Magic" will be released on February 5th 2021, and marks the beginning of the preorder period leading up to the release of the full album on May 28th 2021 for the German label Off Label Records.

“The name of this album sounded really different to me when pandemic spread across the world and affected our lives in such a profound way”. In March 2020 Laino and his band just finished recording all the instrumental and voice tracks in the superb facility of Duna Studio in Italy. “Just a few days after we all were all in lockdown here in Italy. Everybody had to stop their usual activity and many musicians had to face the fact that live music was no longer an option”. Luckily the mixing of the album proceeded overseas where J.D. Foster shaped the final sound of Sick to the Bone album.

The power trio led by guitarist and songwriter Andrea Laino includes Gaetano “Kaimano” Alfonsi on drums and percussion, and Salvatore “Messico” Lauriola on electric bass. Also featuring in the album is lyricist, singer and director Afnorock who has dedicated the song “Winanta” (Where Are You Now?) to the cause of Moroccan journalist Omar Radi. On track #7 the Hammond organ is played by Paolo “Pee Wee” Durante. Cover artwork and album design are by Nanà “Oktopus” Dalla Porta.
Founded in the city of Bologna, the band has been active since 2015. After a short trip in the USA, Laino, arrived at his “crossroads” in a smoky, blues bar on the Upper West Side of New York City after a soulful performance by a local bluesman. Suddenly he realized which road to choose: writing songs and digging in the musical language of the blues. He then returned to Italy with a notebook full of stories, transformed them into songs with a resonator guitar, and played them on the streets of Bologna.

After the self-released EP Broken Seeds, the band produced The Dust I Own, its debut album for Off Label Records in 2017.


released May 28, 2021

Cover art by Nanà "Oktopus" Dalla Porta
Lyrics and vocals track #5 by Afnorock
Hammond Organ track #7 by Paolo "Pee Wee" Durante


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Laino & Broken Seeds Italy

Laino & Broken Seeds is a musical journey through the shamanic and archaic side of the blues. Inspired by southern lands, muddy rivers and vintage equipment, the raw electric resonator of Laino tell stories of lost memories, dizzy dreams and dusty records.
After the EP “Broken Seeds” released in 2014, the band produced “The Dust I Own” (2017, off label records).
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